Vocal Jazz Online is your one-stop web portal for vocal jazz instruction that develops your total musicianship.

Vocal Jazz Online is:
Not a website for endless scales and exercises and same-as-usual approach to voice training.

Not a website designed to get you to buy my book or CD.

Not a website to get you to buy my DVDs and method books on vocal jazz instruction.

Not a website to grow your voice by an octave in 12 short weeks, or teach you to do vocal pyrotechnics.

Not an artist development concept.

Not a marketing or publicity how-to concept.

Once becoming a member, you have access to a library of video content modules, categorized by subject.  You choose the information of your area of need or interest. You can choose the modules covering the content on which you are most interested in working. They are designed for stand alone or cumulative study, and members are able to revisit any module(s) purchased for the lifetime of your membership.  Membership also grants you access to an online community of peer singers, music industry professionals for mentoring and feedback, and resources to bolster your arsenal of tools.  Discounts for other music industry services from our partners in artist development, publicity and music marketing are other membership benefits.

Whether you are a vocal music student looking for a step-by-step approach to better understand music fundamentals, or a voice teacher who needs jazz vocal lesson plans, Vocal Jazz Online puts you in control of what you learn or teach while giving you the ease of pacing the information to suit your schedule and learning style.

Is This Information For Me?
Vocal Jazz Online serves vocalists who are studying jazz or want to study jazz, to enhance their musicianship.  A vocalist can work on areas of interest or add to what they learn with a private vocal teacher in another genre other than Jazz.

Vocal Jazz Online also serves educators who teach vocalists, providing a teacher with content to add to materials they may give a student.  A teacher who may have expertise in other areas (but not Jazz) can save time, having ready-made lesson plans derived from each module for use in their courses with vocalists who want to learn jazz.

What If I Never Studied Jazz? 
Vocal Jazz Online moves through the information one video content module at a time and moves you through the material at a pace you can handle. This information is the same material studied by jazz professionals, with proven results from students of varying backgrounds.  Some of these students had absolutely no prior exposure to Jazz, while others may be studying in Jazz Studies programs, working toward degrees in music.  All levels can find video content modules on Vocal Jazz Online suited to their level and interest.

Why Work In Community?
Many singers say, I dont know many other singers - most of my friends are instrumentalists.  Or another common complaint is, I work better alone, I dont like how competitive other singers are.  The truth of the matter is, you are far more successful when you have a buddy, or a support system in any endeavor, especially one that is creative in nature.  Why?  Because the creative process is fraught with challenges, and the necessary peaks and valleys of rejection - not to mention the courage to make course corrections - can discourage even the most resilient artist.  Another benefit of working in community is to have a reality check on how you measure progress and gauge realistic goal setting.  How many times have you experienced being the big fish in the little pond, only to find that once you change your environment, you have a lot further to go?  And finally, over the course of your career, many referrals for work and doors are opened by those who know your abilities.  The relationships from your community of peers are the foundational structures upon which to build a sustainable career.

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