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If you are the sum total of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time, who's in your “5”?

Jam Sessions play an important role in the learning curve for jazz musicians.  They provide opportunities for musicians to hear each other, and build relationships, friendships, choose potential bandmates and learn the ropes.  The community that arises out of the Jam Session culture often is as important to the development of  music trends and styles as outside factors affecting the music, such as changing values in society and economic climates.

In Vocal Jazz Online, we take the Jam Session concept and put it in an online forum.  Your music, and participation in the Vocal Jazz Online community of monthly online jam sessions, coaching calls, webinars and online discussion forums will give you access to a globally networked learning environment of like-minded musicians and vocalists, outside of the usual faces. You may have heard the saying, “act locally, and think globally.”  If you have wondered just how to do that, Vocal Jazz Online is the door to building your global network.  Relationships online have lead to many Vocal Jazz Online students being invited to perform internationally and build friendships with musicians from many other cultures.

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